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Leadership doesn't necessary need an authority title to perform.

My name is Lily. I live in Surrey and I am a member of the Surrey Immigrant Advisory Roundtable. Over the last year, I have been involved in the Community Leaders Igniting Change program. I learnt about the program through one of the Surrey LIP e-Updates (sign up here) and decided to apply. I was selected among other 17 local residents who wanted to learn more about how to make Surrey a more engaging and connected community.

The nine habits of highly effective Immigrants!

By Ahmed Nabeel Alvi, a Surrey immigrant resident and volunteer

One of the greatest challenges immigrants face in any country is a lack of direction and strategy to help them settle and excel in their respective professions.

Several countries have developed programs to facilitate new immigrants through various settlement agencies and non-profits organizations. These agencies run workshops, networking events and help immigrants to develop action plans to fulfil their dreams in the new country.

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