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City of Surrey
Councillor Villeneuve
Surrey LIP Co-Chair

Councillor Villeneuve has been a Surrey Councillor for 25 years, and Chair of the City's Social Policy Advisory Committee for 15. The City's adoption of the Plan for the Social Well-Being of Surrey Residents, and involvement in a range of important social issues, is a testament to Councillor Villeneuve's leadership, passion and relentless drive to create a strong and caring city. In addition to the LIP and Social Policy Advisory Committees, Councillor Villeneuve is the President of the Surrey Homelessness and Housing Society, Co-Chair of the Surrey Poverty Reduction Coalition, Chair of the City's Cultural Advisory Committee and Chair of the Metro Vancouver Regional Cultural Committee.

Why are you involved in the Surrey LIP?

More than 40% of Surrey resi­dents are immigrants, and about 1,000 people are moving here every month. We want to make sure that people get connected, that they get educated, that they get the services they need, that they feel they're part of the community. It fits with Surrey's public safety agenda too, because we know that if people aren't con­nected within the community they'll have a higher health risk or a higher risk to commit crime. As well, we have a special interest in refugees. Surrey is a major destination for refugees, and the largest recipient of government-assisted refugees in BC