Demographic Information

Surrey is the fastest growing city in British Columbia and one of the fastest growing cities in Canada, welcoming 800-1,000 new residents every month. Its surge in cultural diversity is surpassing almost every other community in BC. During the last Census period (2006 – 2011), the immigrant population in Surrey increased by 25%. Its population is second only to Vancouver, but it’s expected to outgrow Vancouver and become the largest city in the province by 2041 with approximately 760,000 residents.

Newcomers come for many different reasons. In B.C., in a typical year, about 60% come as skilled workers. Approximately 1 in 3 arrive within the family class to reunite with their relatives.

In B.C. only about 5% of newcomers come as refugees. Currently Surrey receives 26% – more refugees than any other B.C. municipality.