Strategy and Action Plans

Over the two year CIC funded contract term, the Surrey Local Immigration Partnership will develop Immigrant and Refugee Strategic Plans.

Key stages of this work include:

  1. Establishing a Surrey LIP Steering Committee;
  2. Conducting research and consultations;
  3. Developing 3-year Immigrant and Refugee Settlement Strategies; and
  4. Developing Action Plans to implement the community’s strategic priorities.

LIP Strategy and Outcomes

The result of Surrey LIP’s research and planning will directly improve outcomes for the community, newcomers, and long-term residents.  Specifically the Surrey LIP intends to achieve the following:

  • Enhanced engagement of a diversity of members in settlement and integration of newcomers;
  • Broad-based partnerships developed for planning and setting priorities at the community level
  • Community and newcomer needs assessed in a coordinated manner, and enhanced awareness of needs among a wider array of local actors;
  • Increased capacity to support the integration of newcomers and to foster welcoming communities, including welcoming and receptive labour markets at the community level.
  • Enhanced responsiveness of non-settlement services to the needs of newcomers and communities;
  • Improved coordination of services at the community level and thereby enhanced accessibility and uptake.